Health and Physical EDGEucation ($65.00+hst)

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Grooving Physical Literacy & The Living Skills!

**For Individual Teacher Use. Please contact us for multi teacher, school-wide, or board/district wide pricing. Thank you!

30 Activities Inside!

These Activities promote physical activity, develop physical literacy, movement competencies and practice the 3 living skills (personal skills, interpersonal skills, critical and creative thinking skills) by engaging the Body, Brain and Being. There is no choreography! Set to fun music, activities use a wide variety of fundamental movement skills, and gross motor skills in while using creative problem solving, decision making, personal expression and healthy peer interactions. They can be one offs, done a few in a row, warm ups, cool downs, or how ever you want to use them! Movements and Brain and Being Cues are also inline with Dance Curriculum expectations.

Ages: Many of the activities are suitable for all ages. We specify ones that are more appropriate for certain age groups. 

Each activity includes a PDF version, video tutorial, and downloadable music. Yes, that's right...the music is included!

"The Activities are set up to permit maximum repetition of movement in an ever changing environment with almost no time pressure or peer pressure - optimal conditions for the brain to learn ho to orchestrate movement" - Dr Dean Kriellaars, Ph.D CEP

Health and Physical EDGEucation ($65.00+hst) includes these resources

DPA and Brain Breaks
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Health & Physical EDGEucation
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