Learning with the BODY, BRAIN & BEING!

This is your one stop shop for The Groove EDGEucation Teacher Resources – integrated learning for various school subjects, grades and demographics. All activities come with detailed PDF instructions, Video Tutorials and Music Downloads (yes, that's right..the music is included).

Below are packages for individual teacher use. For school-wide or board/district-wide use please contact us at info@thegrooveedgeucation.com to get the ball rolling.

Feel free to peruse what resources the library has available and let us know if you have any questions at all. We hope you and your students enjoy it!


Elementary Generalist Package ($179.00+hst CAD)

Numeracy, Literacy, Dance & DPA/Brain Breaks (individual teacher use)


Math Resources ($75.00+hst CAD)

Kinesthetically Exploring the Math Curriculum (individual teacher use)

The Groove EDGEucation
$50.85 CAD

Literacy: The Day the Crayons Grooved! (K-Gr5) ($45.00+hst CAD)

A Book Study! Exploring Character Traits, Inferencing and Extended Understanding with the BODY, BRAIN & BEING!

The Groove EDGEucation
$67.80 CAD

Dance: Global GROOVE Adventure (Grade 1-8) ($60.00+hst CAD)

Exploring the Dance Curriculum with the BODY, BRAIN & BEING!


H&PE Resources ($40.00+hst CAD)

Grooving Physical Literacy & The Living Skills! (Individual teacher use)


Kindergarten\Early Years Resources ($85.00+st CAD)

Whole Child learning with the BODY, BRAIN & BEING! (individual teacher use)