Is this a membership or a one-time purchase?
All packages are a one time purchase and content you receive will not expire. If you want access to additional packages or future packages that are added to the library, this would be an additional purchase.

How much are they?
Please visit the pricing page for everything you need to know!

What grades are these resources for?

Each Packages tells you what grades they are geared towards, so "View Activities and Lessons" to see an overview of the material and Grades. In general, most are adaptable for Grade 1-8 (we have separate kindergarten modules). Numeracy and Literacy Activities are more geared towards Grade 1-6 curriculum-wise, but can be wonderful Active Breaks for older students or even Minds Ons, Consolidations for your lessons.

Are these for the gym or the classroom?
BOTH! All teachers can use these resources! Either as a movement-based way to explore academic curricula in the classroom, for DPA, or for H&PE teachers to bring cross-curricular elements into their practice!

Do we have to experience the in-person session/workshops to use these resources?
The in-person workshop and student experiences are in-deed wonderful! It is recommended to participate in person if possible before using the resources, but not 100% necessary. There are plenty of instructions and videos on the library to make it easy for you to use on your own.

For more information on in person student experiences or Teacher PD visit the How We Can Move you page.

Do the in-person student experiences come with resources?
• The Master of EDGEucation level includes a full resource package geared towards your chosen theme (numeracy or literacy).
• The PhD level comes with variety of subjects (numeracy, literacy, dance, H&PE and Kindergarten.
• The Bachelor of EDGEucation comes with a mini complimentary trial package containing only 4 activities.  

I'm looking for Teacher PD - do I receive resources with that?
Yes! Workshops come with resource material. This might vary depending on the type of workshop and what your needs are. Please get in-touch to discuss what you are looking for! 

Are these resources the same resources I got as part of The Groove EDGEucation? 
Yes, these are the exact same resources! If you had a log-in previously, it will still be active!