About Us

Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.
~ Confucius

Through our work we’ve come to realize that young people learn when they are active and interactive. When they participate. When content is engaging, sparks creativity, problem solving and encourages interactivity with their peers and teachers. Research also continuously suggests, especially with our rapidly changing world and use of technology, that young people require more opportunities to be physically active and develop healthy social/emotion skills. All of these reasons drive our team of passionate educators to create innovative tools that infuse more holistic teaching practices into the classroom (that students can resonate with)...hence the “EDGE” in EDGEucation! 

Although it does involve moving to music, our “why” is not to teach “how” to dance. It is the tool that we use to teach various areas of school curriculum, character education and more, engaging the Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional self while learning.

We provide professional development and resources so the approach can be implemented by teachers using our kinesthetic lessons and activities for multiple subject areas found in this library (numeracy, literacy, H&PE, Dance etc…), or we (the EDGEucators) can provide an engaging community building experience for your school or audience.

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Special Thanks to:

Benjamin Bidlack and Yetro Avalos for providing their musical talents and songs

Video Tutorial Teacher Participants:

Tyler Boyle, Nicky Cardwell, Ian Siu-Ming Lawrence, Blake Fleischacker, Dani Nobrega, Ria Aikat, Elan Marko, Amir Fishman, Karyn Foley, Ildiko Hegyi, Carrie Thomas, Ainsley Dreisinger, Victoria Blom, Becca Tilling, Scott Hammell, Neil Daga, Adrian Xavier, Jennifer Evers, Richard Chan, Claire Hage, Sanja Milanovic and Julie Tepperman

Teacher/Educator Contributors:

Tyler Bolye - Bluewater District School Board

Melissa Peddie - Near North District School Board (Mathematics Lead Teacher)

Ashley Weiss - Toronto District School Board

Nicky Cardwell - Waterloo Region District School Board