Get moving, get creative and show that personality and style with these 3min videos using various music themes/genres.

Includes 35 videos! (see an example above)

Great for Dance, HPE or a quick movement break in your (virtual) classroom.

Grades: Most of the videos are suitable for all ages (K-6). We specify ones that are more appropriate for certain grades, though you are welcome to try all videos for all students K-6 - Scroll down for an overview!

Please reach out if you have any questions at all! 

Happy Moving,

Amy Tepperman (Moving EDGEucation Founder)

(416) 709-7886

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What's Inside...

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    Instructions for Teachers

    • Instructions for Teachers!

    • Physical Distancing Guidelines (for students) - if necessary

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    All Videos

    • Shake It (All Ages)

    • Celebration of Drums (All Ages)

    • Zombie Land (All Ages)

    • Got Funk (All Ages)

    • Daybreaker (All Ages)

    • Crouching Tiger Moving Dragon (All Ages)

    • Swan Lake (All Ages)

    • We Will Rock It (All Ages)

    • iRobot (All Ages)

    • The Wild West (All Ages)

    • A Space Odyssey (All Ages)

    • Hang Ten (All Ages)

    • Tap Dance Kid (All Ages)

    • Pac Man (All Ages)

    • Disco Fever (All Ages)

    • Time for a Jig (All Ages)

    • Dukes Up (All Ages)

    • Boot Camp (All Ages)

    • 007 (All Ages)

    • Thigh Master (All Ages)

    • Life's a Lake (All Ages)

    • All the Right Moves (All Ages)

    • Bundle Up - Winter Sports (All Ages)

    • Don't Worry Be Happy (All Ages)

    • The Playground (All Ages)

    • Hop n' Roll (All Ages)

    • Forever Tango (Grade 3+)

    • Send in the Clowns (K-3)

    • School of Rock (K-3)

    • Two to Tango (K-3)

    • Night at the Museum (K-3)

    • My First Marching Band

    • On Safari (K-3)

    • Let's go for a Drive (K-3)

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