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What's Included: 

  • Over 30 activities across Number Sense, Patterning and Algebra, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Data and Probability and Measurement.
  • Detailed Instructions, Videos and Tutorial and Music Download included for all activities.  

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  • Adaptable for Grade 1-6 (we outline specific expectations and ways to adapt).
  • Also a fun and active "Minds On" or Unit Introduction for Grade 7-8 students and anew way to look at concepts.
  • If you are looking for Kindergarten view our Kindergarten Package or email us for help!


In these activities the students themselves become the manipulatives to explore different concepts across the the Math Curriculum up on their feet moving to music! 

  • A great compliment to your math class offering students a different way to look at concepts, build divergent thinking and spatial reasoning skills. 
  • Differentiated instruction tool engages multiple types of learners, and promote problem solving skills 
  • Get movement or DPA into your Math block while remaining on task.

Teacher/Educator Contributors and Consultants:

Huge thank you to...

Melissa Peddie - Near North District School Board (Mathematics Lead Teacher K-gr6)

Tyler Boyle - Bluewater District School Board

Questions and Contact:

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Amy Tepperman

(Moving EDGEucation, Founder)

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