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We are so thrilled to see you on the Moving EDGEucation resource library, where we are instilling movement-based, social/emotional learning methods into the curriculum - an important teaching strategy in this modern, digital era. Here you will find activites and lessons to learn with the Body, Brain & Being in different subjects.

All our activities come with detailed instructions, video tutorials and music downloads to help ensure you got the right tunes to help those bodies move!

Visit our Pricing Page to find out more about accessing the content (or be sure to follow the information provided if you were a part of a recent workshop). If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us

Moving EDGEucation

Math EDGEucation: Measurement (Grade 1-8)

Exploring the 5 Math Curriculum Strands with the BODY, BRAIN & BEING! (Measurement)

Moving EDGEucation

Kindie/Early Childhood EDGEucation: Physical Literacy and Creative Movement

Dance and HPE for Kindies and Early Years

Moving EDGEucation

Numeracy for Kindergarten

Exploring Math Concepts with the BODY, BRAIN & BEING!

Moving EDGEucation

DPA and Brain Breaks